Understanding Media Metrics

Understanding media metrics and how you’re going to measure your media communications activity is critical for developing an effective paid media communications plan. If the right measures are not identified it can render your campaign worthless. It’s important to stay on top of both new and established forms of measurement.

Understanding Media Metrics

New Zealand’s marketing industry constantly moves at pace. Many marketers struggle to keep up with the plethora of different channels and the media metrics used to measure them. New technologies have transformed media enabling new methods of distribution and new ways to consume information. The current speed of change has rapidly transformed the media landscape, and with it, media metrics have exploded.

Fundamental concepts such as gross rating points or TARPs, frequency, circulation and cumulative reach continue to be essential building blocks for measuring the effectiveness of a campaign.

However, as technology transforms the way brands interact with the consumer and consumer behaviours and expectations change, media channels and metrics have also adapted to this transformation. Traditional channels such as television, radio and print have had to adjust and include digital extensions to keep up with the ever-changing media landscape.

There’s also been an increase in social media and video-on-demand platforms. Thus, causing concepts such as click system analysis, bounce rate, datafication, shares/tagged, interaction rates, attribution and ad verification to become vital components to the marketing industries toolbox of media metrics.

However, what hasn't changed is that whatever metrics you are using, they should all be tied back to the core campaign objectives and consumer journey from awareness, attitude, consideration and purchase.



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