Audience Research Tools

Consumer Research is one of the most critical elements in both developing a comprehensive understanding of your typical consumer and planning media communications that will actually reach them.

Audience Research Tools

Would you build a home without first ensuring your foundations were solid? Targeting advertising to consumers without completing some form of audience research amounts to the same thing. Thoroughly understanding your brand’s audience is the core foundation for any successful and cohesive media campaign.

Your agency’s role is to help ensure the relevant advertisement and consumer meet at the right time in the right place.

Audience research is used to separate assumptions from fact. It can be difficult to separate your own bias and pre-disposed stereotypes from that of the target audience. However, a tool such as Nielsen’s Consumer Media Insight (CMI) provides agencies like Harvey Cameron with those all-important and practical insights about your ideal audience.

Within CMI, almost anything can be discovered about New Zealand audiences. Utilising this data lets us isolate an audience or use a pre-built segment e.g. Farm Owners and Managers.

From here, we can thoroughly analyse the selected audience to work out how best to tailor messages and where to put them.

Just like communities, audiences are consistently evolving. It’s essential to re-calibrate the media mix and investment decisions based on data and insights as they become available.

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