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Harvey Cameron is a marketing and communications agency that has worked with over 200 New Zealand businesses across many sectors, at all stages of growth, to design successful growth strategies and outcomes. We achieve this by developing tailored plans that meet the unique challenges facing our clients.

Our multi-disciplinary teams of experts use best practice methodologies to identify your core value proposition, develop strategies that retain and acquire customers and build operational efficiencies through innovation. The business world has never been more complex. New technologies, increased competition, media saturated, tech-savvy, cynical consumers with high expectations challenge all businesses in different ways. Our expertise spans multiple sectors, we navigate complexity with ease and can cater to the unique needs of your business as a whole.

What does tomorrow look like for your business?

Business confidence

With seven specialist departments and practices, our holistic approach identifies where the opportunities hide, which ones are achievable and sustainable. We then build and execute the roadmap of actionable steps that move ambition into tangible business results. 

In uncertain times, the best defense is a strong offence: we proactively define growth strategies that result in business confidence.

1. Unlocking innovation

Technology is evolving everyday – but it is only as valuable as the experience it improves or the growth it builds. Today digital content and social media platforms shape conversations, perceptions as well as products and services and brands. We help you navigate and determine the best technological opportunities for your business and marketing needs.

2. Customer-centric retention and acquisition strategy

We are a truly fully-integrated advertising and marketing agency with the capacity to define and handle most client problems and the capability to execute across every touch point. We begin by placing the customer at the centre – through our use of innovative propriety customer journey mapping methodology. This helps us to determine the best ways to inspire and reach them, retain and acquire them.

3. Value proposition

Distilling information and data down to a single over-arching theme, purpose or offer is an important part of creating a powerful value proposition. All communication and engagement must work to build this proposition, which ultimately will be the idea that links all messaging and shapes the brand in the minds of your customers – both existing and potential. This requires skill and rigour to develop.

4. Rigorous approach

Our experts use best practice approach and methodologies to explore, research and define challenges and execute solutions. With this as a basis – we can use the power of story-telling to engage, inspire and change in the most effective way to achieve growth and measure it.

5. Breadth and depth of expertise

We have a broad range of specialist talent, disciplines and capabilities at our client’s disposal. Our staff encompasses a broad range of analytical, creative, strategic, business, digital, PR communications and marketing specialists. Once we uncover a client’s unique business challenge – we establish tailored teams to build working, sustainable strategic plans and campaigns that connect with customers and stimulate action.

6. Effectiveness

We align marketing with business goals from the beginning. Effective results are the basis to successful marketing strategy. We ensure all our plans start with objectives link to key measurement and ROI.

Turn your marketing problems into possibilities.

Own Tomorrow.

Top Five Tips For Getting The Best From Your Agency Relationship

Like any partnership, the client/agency relationship needs to be nurtured to deliver outstanding outcomes for both parties. Here’s a few key things that we find lead to a solid and long-term client/agency relationship.

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