Managing The Digital Divide

Understanding how online and offline media is being consumed across generations is pivotal in the development of a paid media communications plan that talks to consumers young and old.

Managing The Digital Divide

The words ‘Netflix’, ‘On Demand’ and ‘streaming’ have become common vernacular in the average New Zealand household since 2018. While traditional media continues to reach the biggest audiences here, the increased usage of SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand), online video and online music streaming services (mainly Spotify) have seen significant growth in weekly reach between 2016 – 2018.

As our internet connections continue to improve and new products come to market, the divide between consuming television online, or linear, will likely continue to grow. Likewise the popularity of consuming media ‘on the go’ via mobile devices, as a result of strong cellular data connections and streaming apps,  will also continue to grow.

So, with the ease of access and improvement in technology, why isn’t everyone consuming television online?

Looking at the way different generations consume media, it’s clear a generation gap has developed, with significantly different behaviour between those under 45 and those aged 45+. The older age bracket is consuming more linear TV than their younger counterparts. The younger demographic is getting their fix of TV online through overseas streaming websites (e.g. Netflix) or On Demand services.

This is just one example of the ‘digital divide’ we are seeing between older and younger generations. As younger generations continue to have greater access to new technology enabling the consumption of online media, they’re typically early adopters of new products.



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