Identifying Consumer Touchpoints

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is one of the critical elements used to develop a comprehensive understanding of a consumer's behaviour and state of mind within the purchase cycle. Knowledge gained through this process translates into the broader paid media communications plan.

Every interaction a consumer has with a brand is part of a journey, so it’s essential to understand every touchpoint along the way. Understanding who is involved and what they expect is the best place to start. Visualising the consumer experience and recognising how they interact with your business allows you to get inside the consumer’s mind.

Our strategy involves an interrogation of the client, category and consumer. Analysing these enables the development of an in-depth understanding of the business objectives, products, consumer needs and market competition. From here, we can identify the right channels and which messaging to use to help ensure your brand stands out.

On average, a consumer sees five thousand ads a day. This means that by lunchtime every day, a consumer has had numerous encounters with different brands. The outcome of these encounters, whether positive or negative, determines the continuation of the consumer journey.

It’s crucial to reach your consumer at the right time and through correct channels every point of the way. Positive interactions lead to purchase, deeper engagement with the brand and ultimately, brand loyalty. These consumers then become your brand’s greatest advocates.

On the other hand, a negative interaction may end a consumer’s journey with a brand in an instant and potentially for a lifetime. Failing to identify each part of the journey and supporting them throughout can hinder the brand experience.

Identifying consumer touchpoints is a necessary and fundamental part of the strategic planning process. Teams that do this well will have a distinct advantage above the rest.



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