2019's Top Digital Trends To Date

Digital Transformation is on the minds of everyone who’s anyone. Now that we’re more than half way through 2019, let’s take a look at the digital transformation trends shaping the year and the ones that will take us into the future.

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Take a look at our top trends for digital transformation in 2019

Cloud On-boarding
Businesses are seeing a shift toward more cloud based services, not only a load off their internal servers but a “better way to run your IT... ” says Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene, stating that it is “...a major vehicle for digital transformation.” We will likely see an increase through 2019 with more businesses on-boarding services to the cloud while finding the right balance between in-house and cloud on their digital transformation journey.

Business and IT co-creation
Key findings out of the Digital Means Business report suggest 79% of respondents think the primary digital transformation delivery model is a combination of IT and business-led initiatives. This shows a large shift toward collaborative approaches and knowledge sharing across departments becoming more common.

Increasing education, skill building and more around DX
With vast increases in the tech and digital spaces generally, the skills to use the tech lag behind. It’s therefore very important to develop the skills to keep up with the rapid develop and deploy world we find ourselves in. ZDNet states that although there might be gaps in these skills, we will see up-skilling from current employees and new faces with capabilities to tackle digital business transformations. 

CEOs lead digital transformation
In a report by MIT Sloan Management Review around 44% of businesses have CEOs now definitively leading digital transformations in their business up 22% on the previous year. These numbers indicate more and more CEOs taking active roles in digital transformation through into 2019. See our Digital Transformational Roles for more insight into this subject.

Data and analytics light the path to increased profitability
Companies are starting to realise the importance of the data they hold. This is leading companies in 2019 to transform under-utilised data into innovative ideas. While more businesses are taking up powerful analytical tools and capabilities to harness their data.


Blockchain business not ready for 2019 but beyond.
Most of what we know about blockchain has been told to the world several times over in recent years, but as businesses start to understand more and more about blockchain they’re realising it doesn’t fit quite yet. However with businesses becoming more and more complex, we can expect to see blockchain be the answer to those difficult business problems in the future.

175 Zettabytes of data by 2025.
A report from IDC predicts we have an estimated 33 zettabytes in the current datasphere world and this digital asset will continue to grow as the complexities of the data grow and the quality of data increases.

Digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight, and a truly digital “end-point” will look different for all businesses and individuals. The likely answer is: we will never reach the end of this road as innovation continues at an unprecedented rate, however, the benefits of applying digital practices cannot be ignored.



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