Barriers to Digital Transformation

In a nutshell Digital transformation is essential for growing your brand and staying ahead of the competition in 2019.

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56% of US businesses who have implemented digital transformation projects have seen their profits increase thanks to digital improvements bringing greater efficiencies. However, many businesses face challenges in implementing digital changes due to a range of issues.

Here are four common barriers to adopting digital transformation:

Financial Restraints

Investing in new digital systems and technology can seem daunting. However, 85% of employees say technology makes them more productive, according to a US study significant financial rewards come with digital transformation. The initial investment in digital transformation is often outweighed by the long term benefits.   


Keeping data safe is a major concern for many businesses looking to digitally store their data. In an age where documents are increasingly being stored digitally, it’s important businesses include security teams in their digital transformation efforts in order to have appropriate safeguards in place.

Bridging the Gap Between People and Technology

Businesses need to factor in the human aspect of digital transformation across all their decisions and focus on seamlessly uniting people with technology throughout the process. Businesses need to ensure employees have sufficient training and resources to overcome any resistance associated with digital change.

Organisations Following a Traditional Pattern

Many businesses tend to follow the traditional pattern of departments working in silos, whereby parts of the business are split out by functions such as Marketing, IT, Finance etc. According to Gartner’s study, digital innovation requires people, processes and technology to blend to create new business models and services. Departments need to become agile and work together to quickly turn around ideas and produce the best outcomes.

Being aware of these barriers is an important first step in overcoming them. If your business mitigates these factors, you can speed up your digital transformation efforts and more swiftly capitalise on financial benefits they may bring.



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