The Latest From Harvey Cameron - November 2019

The sprint to Christmas has officially begun - and the race to the finish line is on inside HC!

Inside Harvey Cameron

We’ve got lots of TVC production on the go, and we’ve had a bunch of new TVCs airing – including Norwood’s ‘Guardian of The Land’, Oderings’ spring retail season and a new campaign for Delmaine Fine Foods, which also includes new packaging and product rollout in supermarkets.


Our digital team has launched a new website for FreshChoice while our PR and production teams are making sure HamiltonJet is well prepared for a trade show in Shanghai early next month.

We’ve also helped Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa market its new Cascade Pools and Conical Thrill ride – including putting them through their paces – we approve!

We designed the bag for Heartland’s new Tokyo Tang chips – and crunched our way through enough to know we love them.

Heartland Chips

We’re continuing to help mi-pad, Queenstown – NZ’s first smart hotel – raise its profile, CortevaAgriscience to better engage its local community, and Victim Support with its PR and engagement post-Christchurch mosque attacks.

For a Bavarian-inspired Christmas shout, we recommend heading to the Kaiser Brew Garden in the city’s wonderful new Riverside Market. We’ve loved crafting their design and telling their story (and ok, yes we’ve tested their products too. They also have a high approval rating!).

Finally, if you’re short of gift ideas or want to tick off your Christmas gift buying online, check out Providore. We’re very proud of the beautiful new design and packaging – just in time for Christmas.



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