Managing Brand Reputation

Carefully managing your reputation is critical to any business. A strong, positive brand reputation builds engagement, trust and loyalty. These are all key factors in ultimately driving business growth.

Today’s noisy digital environment offers consumers a diverse array of information sources, along with the ability to comment and converse online 24/7 everywhere from news sites to forums, blogs and social media.

It means carefully managing your reputation and engagement has never been more important.

It’s no coincidence this digital explosion has seen reputation and engagement become bigger priorities for businesses. It’s also resulted in the steady blurring of corporate reputation and brand image and consequently the merging of traditional forms of public relations and marketing.

As such, today’s most effective reputation and engagement strategies contain an integrated mix of earned, paid, owned and shared media initiatives presenting an appealing, consistent, reliable, authentic brand that adds value to its consumers.

Successful reputation and engagement strategies in 2019 should include:

Public Relations and Engagement

Which can help position businesses as ‘thought leaders’ and experts in their field. The creation of meaningful narratives that stand up for your ideals and link topical issues back to your knowledge and experience are useful ways to pitch unique value propositions into major newspapers, business, industry and trade publications, online news outlets and high performing blogs.

PR can also help your business align with the right influencers and brand advocates, stage relevant events and experiences and secure high profile panel and speaking engagements.

Building a strong brand reputation also helps should the going get tough. These days a flippant social media comment can set off a tidal wave of trouble. In this instance, reputation management is everything and can mean the difference between a graceful recovery or a world of pain.

Content Marketing

Sees white papers, blog content, articles, industry research, and more all used as content that can be pushed out via owned, or a vast array of paid media channels, to align consumers to your brand. Content marketing plays a strong role in raising awareness of your brand, building your reputation and demonstrating the benefits of your products or solutions.

Engaging Visual Content 

Plays a critical role in reputation and engagement today. The creation of engaging and compelling visuals –  images, infographics and videos – particularly for social media, is vital to engage your audiences and accurately reflect your reputation.

Website, SEO and Paid Digital Search

Are equally as important for successfully managing your reputation and engagement. A strong, user-friendly website that creates a lasting impression can take your business and brand a long way.

Working hand in glove are search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search strategies that put your website – and therefore your business – firmly at the top of search engine results – critical when customers are searching for resources or solutions to their problems.

Taking full advantage of this new and dynamic era of fully integrated public relations and marketing solutions will enable you to really take control of your reputation and engagement and ultimately drive your business growth.


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Carefully managing your reputation is critical to any business. A strong, positive brand reputation builds engagement, trust and loyalty - key factors in ultimately driving business growth.

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