Our Digital Recap - September 2019

Welcome to the Harvey Cameron digital recap. This month we look at Google's new automated bidding solutions, the trick to running successful story ads, everything you need to know to get your ads approved on social and search, and using AI chatbots to improve marketing communications.

Improve DV360 campaign performance with new automated bidding solutions

Google Marketing Platform is introducing a new automated bidding strategies that seek to move towards an outcome based buying. Essentially, this means that you only pay for the results that you are seeking and you will have more control over how you bid for clicks and conversions.

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What’s the trick to Story Ads that work?

Since Instagram and Facebook first rolled out Story Ads, the medium has gone from strength to strength, with over 500 million Instagram accounts using stories on the platform. For businesses who haven’t used Story Ads, now might be time to consider adding them as engagement with the content continues to grow across two of the world's most popular media platforms. 

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Everything you need to know about Social Media ad disprovals

Knowing what ad content may be blocked by an automatic system could be a lifesaver for advertisers who are often constrained by tight campaign deadlines. Thankfully, Marketing Land have created a new list to help give marketers a strong idea of things that they should avoid when advertising on search and social networks.

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Using AI chatbots to transform the marketing landscape

In a world of a projected 8.55 billion people by 2030, how do you ensure that your message is personalised, at scale, and in real-time? The answer is chatbots — particularly AI chatbots.

AI chatbots allow your business to finish conversations at whatever pace your customers want and can help to give personalised informations to your customers in a timely manner. Learn how AI chatbots can help to improve your marketing communications.

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