Our Digital Recap - October 2019

Welcome to the Harvey Cameron digital recap. One of the most exciting developments for advertisers this month is that Google's new TrueView video sequencing is now available in DV360, which means that brands can tell their brand stories in the desired sequence. Keep reading for more insights.

Outbrain and Taboola to Take on Facebook and Google

Native Ads

Two digital advertising platforms have announced that they are merging which is an exciting proposition as the new platform is predicted to reach nearly 2 billion people per month worldwide. The combined company aims to provide enhanced advertising efficacy and reach to marketers, while helping news organisations and other digital properties more effectively find growth in the years to come.

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Google Launches Video Ad Sequencing on TrueView in DV360


Video ad sequencing is now available for TrueView video ads on DV360. In Google’s words, ad sequencing allows advertisers to “tell your product or brand story by showing people a series of videos in the order that you define”. Ad sequencing can be deployed via DV360 against YouTube TrueView ads, which are the popular skippable-after-5-seconds format that can be found on in-stream and in search results.

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Location Targeting Available in Google Smart Shopping Campaigns


Smart Shopping campaigns are Google’s machine learning-driven campaigns for product ads. As a newer campaign type, there have been settings and reporting limitations that have kept many advertisers on the sidelines. Until very recently, advertisers could not control location targeting and now that can target specific locations and radiuses. 

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6 Ways to Gain More Organic Traffic


One of the key elements of Search Engine Optimisation is to get organic exposure through search engines. Sometimes, it can be nearly impossible to rank well for a website with no authority for highly competitive keywords which means you need to look at other ways to drive organic traffic to your website. Some of the ways that you can help drive people to your website include link building, offering to sponsor content and guest posting on other websites.

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