Our Digital Recap - August 2019

Welcome to the Harvey Cameron digital recap. This month we look at AR in Google Maps, Reddit being and underrated ad platform, Pinterest focusing more on ecommerce and some large restrictions coming to Twitter for advertisers.

AR navigation coming to Google Maps

Google Maps has always pushed the barrier on navigation, shifting the market of dedicated GPS devices to having a cellphone perform the same function is no mean feat, but we will see a new intuitive way to travel with the advent of AR navigation.

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Reddit, pulling out the stops with niche audiences

Reddit has long been known as a slow loading, non-friendly experience for advertisers and even users. After a long needed overhaul and re-platform the website is now ready for new prospecting for advertisers and marketers, especially when looking for passionate and niche audiences.

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Pinterest adds new e-commerce options

Pinterest has been rolling out new ways of integrating ecommerce into areas of their platform. The newest implementation involves suggested products based on pins and catalogues users, which will be a key opportunity for more branded advertising moving forward in the app for relevant retailers.

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Twitter to stop offering advertisers access to 3rd party data sources

Next year the social media heavyweight will look to streamline how advertisers can access audience data, potentially creating a more "walled garden" platform restricting visibility and control that advertisers will have in the future when advertising on the platform. 

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