Choosing to Challenge

On Friday 5 March, Harvey Cameron held our annual International Women’s Day breakfast, where we had the chance to connect with, and be inspired by, some absolutely incredible women.

This was an opportunity to celebrate the female leaders who make a significant impact to businesses and organisations all over New Zealand, each and every day. Our speakers delivered some hard-hitting and empowering messages, encouraging everyone to continue to challenge themselves, their workplaces, and the status quo.


A special thanks goes out to our wonderful panel of speakers - Leeann Watson (MC), Renée Walker, Maureen Taane, Jeanine Tamati-Elliffe, Katie Duncan and Dr Erica Seville - who did not shy away from honestly, bravely, vulnerably and powerfully sharing their experiences, and urging all of us to continue challenging the status quo for the betterment of ourselves, our colleagues, our whānau and our city.

After a decade of soldiering-on through really tough times, the feeling of optimism and confidence in Canterbury was heartening to hear and see. 

Our Women's Day breakfast is about taking a minute to recognise the impact and achievements of women in organisations and businesses everywhere, to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come and to resolve to keep striving for a brighter future for all. 

At Harvey Cameron we’re lucky to have five female leaders in a senior leadership team of eight, and many more women in our business who inspire us and our clients every day with their energy, ideas, enthusiasm and counsel. 

We asked some of the amazing women at Harvey Cameron how they are choosing to challenge, and here is their response.

Theresa: I choose to help foster an environment where we speak up and have those difficult conversations. I think it's important to be more aware of what's not going to serve me and my goals, and have the courage to say no.

Alice: I choose to challenge the doubts that fuel a sense of inadequacy in myself, my friends and colleagues.

Maria: I choose to foster a greater culture of recognition and to call out at least one person a day to thank them for how they’ve helped me or others.

Angela: Taking up Maureen from Hapa’s call for support of local central city businesses, I 'choose to challenge' myself to venture into the city once a month to buy a gift for someone and will be encouraging my friends, family and colleagues to do the same. 'Supporting local' has never been more important than it is now. I for one would be saddened if these stores didn't exist so I want to do my bit to support them to stay alive.


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