What Does PR Bring To The Table

With all this talk – and general agreement in the industry – that Public Relations and Marketing are better together, there’s still a bit of confusion about exactly what PR does and when to call on it.

Here are our top tips for leveraging PR in your marketing:

Stakeholder Engagement

PR experts are concerned with all the stakeholders your business needs in its corner from regulators and government decision-makers to local communities, employees, consumers, investors, influencers, advocates and media. We’re focused on fostering good relationships with these audiences to ensure your business is likeable, respected and trusted.

To help promote the smooth roll out of marketing campaign, we might suggest supporting local charities, sponsoring sports teams, briefing key decision-makers or holding events as a way to create a positive image and help raise awareness.

Written Content

PR practitioners are very good at written content. We love telling stories. We can help you share staff stories, case studies and industry research. We’re great at distilling vast amounts of material and turning complicated, technical subjects into user-friendly information. We can help you write manuals, brochures, annual reports, submissions and RFPs. We can put together Thought Leadership articles for business leaders, leveraging your knowledge, experience and ideals to help you become a go to expert in your field.

Media Relations/Publicity

News coverage is almost always important to help your business build its credibility and reputation and reach key audiences.  “Earning” media coverage with a newsworthy angle is also a great way to support your marketing campaign and make your budget stretch further. PR practitioners can help you figure out what will interest journalists, for example something unusual, cutting-edge or human-interest related. We can also leverage our relationships to help capture journalists’ attention.

Crisis Communications

If you find yourself in a situation with the potential to damage your reputation and/or derail your marketing efforts, PR can help. We can implement a plan that provides accurate information in a timely manner to reduce uncertainty and minimise damage. Issues you might require assistance with include product failures or recalls, social media blunders, major accidents or incidents, formal hearings, profit losses, restructuring or natural disasters.

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