Getting a Great Result With Creative Investment

Everyone wants a great result for their brand, but not everyone invests in a proven marketing partner to help them get those results. When you invest in creative, you’re effectively investing in results.

The investment begins well before the brief is shared. It starts with thinking carefully about what your brand’s goals are and how marketing can help you realise them.

Once you’ve worked through the reasons you’re not generating ideal results, you’re ready for creative help. It’s also a good time to take stock of where your business is sitting - How much traffic does your website see? How many social media followers you have on you got? How are yours sales? Which products are underperforming?

At this point, the decision to invest in creative will have already helped you identify key areas for improvement and helped you set clear objectives to work towards.

Once your business goals have been established, a creative partner can begin work on making them happen. This starts with finding unique ways to appeal to your target audience and investigating how to convince people to see your brand or product in a new light.

Creative will then develop different campaign ideas. Campaign deliverables will vary based on your production, media and overall creative budgets. Media teams also tailor formats to suit your brand’s needs, for example, if you wanted to target corporates who fly regularly, you’re likely to advertise at or near the airport, rather than in formats aimed at wider audiences.

Once the creative idea has been selected and developed, it’s a good idea to set up tracking, monitoring and reporting for the campaign period. This will help inform you how successful your campaign efforts have been – but it’ll also help you identify anything that Creative needs to react to during while the advertising is live. If a particular part of the campaign is working really well, you may decide to push your media spend in that area harder to capitalise on its success. Likewise, if one area isn’t cutting through with certain audiences, you can test and tweak it until you’re happy with its performance.

Digital is particularly straightforward to track results in and retail campaigns are often easy to review, as they can cause a spike in sales that can only be attributed to your advertising and promotion. However, brand campaigns can increase customer recall and preference, making your company top of mind when consumers are ready to purchase. While it may be harder to initially see these results, by investing in solid brand creative, you can be sure that your profile will rise and you will start to see this pay dividends over time.

For this reason, it’s important to invest in your ideas upfront – giving you the best chance of attaining the results your brand needs.


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