Digital Collaboration Tools

Digital collaboration tools include any software that helps make communication more efficient and provides a digital solution to a problem. They help to integrate core business functions and processes in order to save your organisation valuable resources.

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Here are our top four digital collaboration tools to help transform your business:

CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can help businesses streamline their processes and improve business relations. CRM systems such as Salesforce and Hubspot can help automate communications, capture conversations, improve user journey flows and foster lead generation, all of which form the foundation of your inbound marketing strategy.

Project Management

Digital project management tools can help to greatly improve communication on team projects. Tools such as Asana and Jira allow information to be shared simultaneously with everyone involved in a project. This greatly improves efficiency and allows management greater visibility to manage projects effectively.

Conferencing & Messaging

Video conferencing can be a timely and effective way to communicate and it can help to reduce the need for travel. Tools such as Google Hangouts and Skype allow users to send instant messages, place phone calls and undertake video chats. All of these features improve the speed of communication and make it possible to have face to face conversations with people all over the world.

Knowledge Sharing & Document Management

Cloud storage has revolutionised the way documents can be stored and shared. Tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox enable all of your documents to be stored in a central location where changes can be made and shared simultaneously. One thing to bear in mind when using cloud storage systems is the need to ensure your IT team has an opportunity to identify and mitigate any potential security and privacy concerns.

Finding the right digital collaboration tools for your business is one of the most important parts of your digital transformation journey, having the potential to greatly improve information sharing and collaboration capabilities.



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