Above, Below or Through The Line?

As technology continues to change and evolve, it also continues to merge communication channels together.
Welcome to the new media landscape.    

Today there is no above or below the ‘line’ as traditional marketing modelled it. Rather, a huge array of overlapping channels need to be understood and leveraged by businesses to help achieve growth. Successful businesses understand and exploit this new landscape by putting their customers' experience at the centre.   

Just as innovation has set customers on an increasingly complex journey through to purchase and beyond, businesses need to respond by being there every step of the way and delivering a better, more considered, frictionless journey. 

How do businesses use the customer journey to their best advantage?  


Communicating at the right time through the right mechanism or channel is vital to achieving effectiveness. Understanding the channels and connections that make up the customer journey to purchase is key to building a strategy.  

Traditional advertising is only one of the many ways to reach and nurture customers. Digital is also a key platform to engage and activate customers. Public Relations (PR) influences customer and stakeholder attitudes, but there are multiple other touch points that fit into the bigger customer journey to purchase, including inbound marketing, wayfinding and post-sale relations. Identifying and leveraging the key moments that stimulate behaviour – changes that lead to growth – will enable your business to set objectives, develop strategy and establish corresponding effectiveness measures.

1. We put the customer at the centre

The customer journey has become more complex with the advancement of technology. But the key driver for business remains the same – achieve profitable growth by staying relevant.  Successful brands and businesses put their customers at the centre of all strategic development to build confidence, create a connection and enable effective measurement.

2. More capabilities and expertise

We have a broad range of specialist talent, disciplines and capabilities at our clients’ disposal.  Our staff encompasses analytical, creative, strategic, business, digital, marketing and public relations specialists. Once we uncover your unique business challenge, we appoint tailored teams to work alongside you to build working, sustainable strategic plans and campaigns that connect with your customers and stimulate action.

3. We take a holistic approach

We are a truly fully-integrated marketing and communications agency with the capacity to define and handle most client problems and the capability to execute across every touch point. We begin by placing customers at the centre through our use of innovative propriety customer journey mapping methodology. This helps us to determine the best ways to inspire and reach customers and evaluate your offerings and services accordingly.

4. We build long-term relationships based on sustained success

The right partnerships are key to developing and nurturing business and brand success. We work alongside our clients to develop marketing strategies that result in effective outcomes. We understand the challenges facing our clients better than any other marketing partner because we are a locally owned and operated New Zealand business, as well as a challenger brand seeking growth outcomes that benefit our people and our country.

5. Results focused

We align marketing with business goals from the beginning. Effectiveness is what makes a marketing strategy successful. We ensure all our plans start with objectives that link to key measurement.

As today's media landscape continues to evolve, businesses need to quickly adapt to make sure their marketing and products are still resonating. Being responsive to changing environments and working in the ever-adapting media channels your audience uses is more vital than ever. However, all this change needn't be daunting  with the right marketing partner your brand will stay one step ahead at all times.



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